We supply our customers with a full line of nuts, dried fruits, beans, rice, spices, candies and grains. Our products are available in bulk or packaged in a variety of formats.


We oil, dry roast, butter toffee, and glaze shelled nuts and peanuts, and have special equipment to add seasonings or honey. Each type of nut has unique characteristics, and a successful roast depends on maximizing the individual flavor. To ensure that every batch is perfect, we set the temperatures, times, and cooling bins to the specific nut being roasted. Our nut butters are freshly ground from roasted, salted, conventional, organic or flavored nuts. Torn & Glasser also offers a full line of in-shell nuts year round.


The variety of dried fruits and dates that we carry truly set us apart. We have a complete line of organic and conventional fruit that is kept in cold storage. They are available in bulk, packaged or mixed. Although today we carry many exotic dried fruits, we still offer our California Jumbo Compote that my grandfather first produced over 60 years ago.


The extensive selection of products we carry allow us to produce truly unique mixes. To ensure your mix is as fresh as possible we roast, mix and pack the product in batches. We can also create custom blends to your specifications.


We have candies that are ideal for all of your confectionary needs. Whether you’re looking for baking chips, blocks, chocolate covered almonds, gummi bears, yogurt pretzels, licorice or the hundreds of other bulk candy items, we’re sure to have it. We produce our chocolates in our special climate-controlled production facility for all you chocolate coated needs.


The beans and rice arrive by railcar and truck. We have a complete selection of products that allows us to service retail, food processors, and food service customers to their individual needs. We not only handle conventional beans and rice, but we also handle organic and specialty products such as rice blends and bean soup mixes.


We carry an extensive line of salted, no salt, and flavored snacks. Our products range from pretzels, to toasted corn, wasabi peas, to rice crackers. We can create unique snacks by combining items from the hundreds of products we offer.


Grains, cereals and flours help round off our product line. This allows our customers to source the essential baking and ingredient items that accompany nuts, spices and dried fruits. If you are looking for granola or ready to eat cereal we have a variety to choose from as well.


We carry spices from around the world, in addition to herbs and teas. Many of these spices are available in convenient 1-2 lb bulk bags. This size is ideal for bulk retail and food service. Our whole chile pod line is available in a variety of sizes, and includes everything from ancho to guajillo to habanero.
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